Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is she ready to go?

In just a few short weeks we will be sending our daughter off to college.

Did I really just say that?

Even as I write this I find myself taking a deep breath and wondering if we have done all we could to prepare her for this wonderful exciting time in her life.

A very wise women told me just a few days before she was born "watch very closely to how she responds to this world in the very first hours of her life".

So having no clue what to expect, I did just as she said.

I watched how she was so verbal, and how strong she was, how determined she was to see what was going on all around her. I noticed that she was calmed when she heard the familiar voices, singing over her and giving her guidence as to what to expect next. I saw how she responded to the nurse who was ever so careful to give her the first bath, and wrap her in her first warm blanket. How a touch from her sweet daddy made her immediatley calm. That first hour of her life was very insightful as to what type of child she would become.

Many times I have gone back to that moment in time, and remembered her first few hours of life, when she was very verbal,strong and determined to see what was going on all around her. It all made sense when she was blazing the trails of life..and somehow it would help me to guide her through fun,exciting and some not so fun days.

As we get ready to "send her off" I am comforted by this thought once again..
she is verbal... she stands for what she believes.
she is stong... she has a firm foundation.
she is determined... she is relentless about the things of God
she is calmed by a familiar voice...she has learned to hear the voice of God
she is sensitive... she is moved with compassion to help others
she is wise... she seeks counsel from those who are in authority over her
she is a follower of CHRIST... she seeks the one who gives her life and peace

I have great anticipation for the future of this precious gift!

So have we done all we could of to prepare her for this time in her life?

We have done our best...and where we have come short her Heavenly father has spoke to her deep secrets and she has heard His voice and is hanging onto every word to sustain her whole being...

so I believe...


Friday, March 19, 2010

Some cup of coffee!

On my way to work one day I felt the need to stop at Quick Trip for a cup of coffee. I had already consumed at least 4-5 cups. However, I stopped. It was the same "Hello, welcome to Quick Trip" that normally greets you. What I found strange, there were only 3 people in the store.

I headed back to get a cup and I saw a very small, quiet, timid women watching what I was doing, as if she did not know how to get the coffee or make the fancy cream machine work(I wish I had one of those at home). I smiled, finished getting my cup of coffee and headed up to the counter to pay. There she was again, following me. For a moment I thought should I pay for her coffee? I noticed that she had money, so I was good to go.

When I got to my car,I had this loud thought, What?... you want me to do what? Yep, I asked again, are you sure? Just then, I noticed she was heading to her car, which was parked next to mine!

So.. I put my coffee down,walked over to her car as she was getting in and said, Excuse me, I do not want to startle you but, I am suppose to "Pray"with you. As I said those words she had a look on her face that I can't put into words, it confirmed what I had been told to do. I prayed a simple prayer nothing fancy or earth moving, told her Jesus loved her, and He wanted her to know it. She began to cry and told me thank you!

It reached me to the core of my being, this was not the thank you I had ever heard before.. It was a thank you from My father who had asked me to do something for one of His children who was so desperate to hear from Him at the moment! After a brief hug and a smile, we both got into our cars and went our seperated way.

I may never see her again however, she is forever in my heart. All the way to work I wondered about her life, where she was going, what could of happened to make her so desperate for God to use me? The Lord reminded me that none of those things mattered, all I needed to know is that, when I hear that voice, I need to do just what it is telling me to do. I may have thought it was about her that day, however I am CONFIDENT it was about me! It was about my obedience.

Go ahead, just do it.. It just may change you forever!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When 2 Worlds Collide

It was a typical Sunday morning or so I thought...

I was a flight attendant for American Airlines and on the Sunday's when I was in town I would meet my boyfriend of almost 3 years at church. I was hoping for some change in our relationship, after all I was 26 and still single(pretty scary for the girl who thought she would get married right out of High School).

We had a special guest speaker, his name was John Spurling. As John made his way to the pulpit I heard a small voice say to me... "You are going to marry that man".. I smiled and said, yes I know, very gently the voice said, not the man you are sitting next to, the one on the platform. I am sure that I must of chuckled out loud.. me, seriously, a Pastor's wife,remember who you are talking to, that was the last title I had ever thought would be attached to me. It's not that I was a bad person, but come on Pastor's wives are special,they are always happy, they know how to play the piano and give deep bible studies and they can quote scripture, their children are perfect , and GOD talks to them!

We were complete opposites, I am loud he is quiet, I am high maintenance he is low maintenance, I have some college he has a doctorate and the list goes on...

Since this is a blog and not a book, I will cut to the chase...

A few months after that John and I did get married and started our journey, and what I journey it has been! Some of it good and some of it not so good! (we will chat more about that later)

I have been a pastor's wife for almost 19 years and I can tell you I am not happy all the time, I do not quote scripture as a second language, my children are just like yours,some of my deepest bible studies consist of chats with my girlfriends about how good God is, and sometimes God speaks louder to you than me!.

I had no idea on that Sunday morning, when our worlds came together something would be set in motion that would take me on a jourey beyond my wildest dreams!

Could I suggest that you throw caution into the wind and listen to the voice that will only make sense when we put off all expectations and stereotypes. I pray that you will allow God to surprise you with the unexpected!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks for stopping by..

One night after watching "Julia&Julia" (He will use anything)... the Lord started showing me things, thoughts were coming so fast I had to start writing (about 3 pages when I finished). As I sifted through it, one theme kept yelling at me. My life.. how it has been so transformed by the people, and events that He has divinely placed in my path.

My thoughts had taken me back to a time when I was younger and I would spend time with my friends on a weekly basis. I thought I need to tell someone about this. So I did. You can read all about it on if your are interested.

I am starting a journey that is so out of my comfort zone, I know it must be God! I have always wanted to share my heart with people, but I did not believe I had anything to say!(we will talk about that one later)

My personality would normally cause me to worry about the grammar or the editing (or lack of) that you will see while following this blog. If you know me, you already understand what I am saying. For those of you who will get to know me, you will soon understand.

If you choose to stay and follow, my prayer is that my raw and uncensored heart will show through and will cause you to be changed for HIS glory!

Here we go...